*Emma Board President (Izzy’s Friend)

Emma is a devoted student and athlete. She plays varsity field hockey and is a member of the varsity swim team. She takes rigorous classes and is in her junior year in high school. Some of her passions include reading, volunteering, and enjoying the outdoors.

Additionally, Emma is a pediatric cancer survivor. She was treated alongside Izzy, who affected her greatly. This experience has given her a deep passion for medicine and desire to help those who are undergoing treatment. Emma plans on going to medical school in the future to pursue a career in medicine.


**Garrett Vice-President (Izzy's Brother)

My name is Garrett Wohlrab, I'm the oldest out of all my siblings coming at 12 years old.  I love aviation.  You most likely will find myself sitting at TF Green airport with a camera in hand doing something called plane spotting (Google it).  Like all of us in our rowdy family, we all share the love of purple.  I used to love playing with Izzy and (Yes, I'm serious) touching Izzy's head.  My future goals for the board is to help it grow into something bigger.


"There's a 'Can' in cancer because we can beat it!"- Unknown 






**Liz  (Board Treasurer) 

Liz is an honors high school student who plays the clarinet, loves the outdoors and working with animals.  Liz’s brother, Zackary, died from cancer which has given her empathy and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families. She has worked to provide awareness through the Gold Ribbon Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, which included raising money for families affected by childhood cancer throughout her school and community.  Liz aspires to be a Zoologist. 





**Emmilee (Board Secretary)

Emmilee is a talented student who plays multiple instruments, soccer, sings at church and loves community theater.  Emmilee is an active childhood cancer advocate and has raised a lot of community awareness by collecting food, books and hygiene product for the Izzy Family Room.  Emmilee's brother had pediatric cancer which gives her empathy and understanding for other siblings with a sick brother or sister. 






**Elaina (Board Member)

Elaina is a dynamic student who lives life fully and always seeks justice for everyone.  Elaina loves swimming, theater, singing, dancing and playing her saxophone. Elaina has had a brother with cancer and has friends who are or have battled pediatric cancer.   Elaina has a lot of empathy and compassion for others, is the life of the party and wants the world to be a better place by advocating for others in every situation. 







**Hadley (Izzy's sister)

My name is Hadley Wohlrab and I'm nine years old. I LOVE horses, I ride at Springwood Farm in Rehoboth, MA. Something that Izzy and I shared was the love for purple and ... ICE CREAM!! Especially if it was topped with hot fudge.








*Grace (Board Member)

Grace is a sophomore and honors student at North Kingstown High School. She takes part in her school’s theater and choral department. She also dances at Dynamic Dance Academy and trains in many styles of dance. Grace is a member of the school’s Best Buddies program, Interact Club and her classes Executive Board. However, one of her biggest passions is volunteering and doing charity work. Grace was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013, which is when she learned of the Izzy Foundation. She is now four years cancer-free and excited to be a member of the Junior Advisory Council.







*Grayson (Board Member)

Grayson is a very social, fun loving 6th grader at Kickemuit Middle School and he also is a cancer survivor. He enjoys singing in his school chorus (even has learned how to sing a song in Hawaiian), dancing and all things related to art (which also is his favorite subject in school). Grayson has been dancing for 5 years now and this love for dance, as well as his abilities, led him to be chosen to join a hip-hop competition team after his first recital! He was very determined to continue dancing even while receiving chemotherapy, which ultimately provided him with physical therapy to help keep his strength and endurance up. Grayson’s ability and understanding of what it’s like to go through pediatric cancer is what fuels him to give back.

Joining The Izzy Foundation’s Jr. Advisory Board is one of many ways he contributes to this very important cause.






**Lydia (Board Member)

Lydia is a creative twelve year old girl. During her free time you can find her sculpting or playing with her pet bird. In the future, Lydia would like to become an avian veterinarian (a bird vet). She love to sing and she is part of the Rhode Island Children's Chorus. Also, she just began taking taekwondo. Lydia is a home-schooler who's favorite subject is science and she loves to bake with her teaching assistant!





* Pediatric Cancer Survivor

** Sibling of a Pediatric Patient